Modules at Loughborough University

CMB105Energetics & Equilibria 2
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

CMB107Chemistry Option
Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Thermodynamcs

CMC026Investigative Projects
Supervision of dissertations
Extended experiment

CMD117Physical Chemistry Option
Basics of Quantum Chemistry and practical exercises in Computational Chemistry

Lectures at Scientific Schools

Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry 2017

Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry 2017 – Helsinki (December 2017)

Talk 1 Wavefunction analysis tools for energy and electron transfer (pdf)
Talk 2 Analysis of charge transfer in transition metal complexes (pdf)
Talk 3 Nonadiabatic dynamics including triplet states (pdf)

Columbus in China

Columbus in China – An Advanced Quantum Chemistry Workshop (October 2016)

FP1 Excited States: Phenomenology and Computational Aspects (pdf)
FP2 Potential Energy Surfaces and Surface Crossings (pdf)
FP3 Nonadiabatic Couplings and Conical Intersections: Algorithmic Details (pdf)
Special 5 Wavefunction Analysis and Visualization (pdf)

SHARC workshop 2016

SHARC workshop 2016 – a doctoral course on excited state dynamics with emphasis on the use and basic principles behind the molecular dynamics package SHARC

Lecture 3 A closer look into electronic wavefunctions (pdf)
Hands On 1 Potential energy curves and wavefunction analysis on NaI (pdf)

Other Lectures

QCCD Kurs 2010-09 Vortrag (pdf)
PIRE 2011-06 Electron Correlation in Quantum Chemistry (pdf)
PIRE 2011-06 Excited States and Symmetry Considerations (pdf)